Architectural Wall Panels

The Following are our Architectural Wall Panels. Click to the link for illustrations, and specification information.

  • Advanced Technology, Suppliers of MirroFlex, NuMetal, LuxCore, FusionTech, FusionSwirl, and other innovative products.
  • American Tin Ceilings, Tin Ceilings, Backsplash, and tile systems for walls in your choice of custom finishes.
  • Architectural Product Company, makers of "Timberwall" & Wonderwall inspired by nature dimensional wall surfaces.
  • ArmourFX, Decorative Wall Panel Systems. Timber Effect panels.
  • ArmourCoat, Plaster and plaster formed panels
  • Dackor 3d Laminates, One of the largest stock laminate inventories in North America
  • Envel Design, luminous surface innovations with a heavy dose of customization and creativity.
  • Parasoleil, The art of shade, created using metals, or wood.
  • Shimmer Screen, architectural design element so versatile it can....
  • ​Sustainable Materials, specializing in environmentally friendly wall covering materials.
  • Torzo Surfaces, natural materials finished to make horizontal, or vertical applications beautiful.